Google Translate and iPhone Save Diabetic In Medical Emergency

Posted in Apple News, iPhone on 17/02/2012 by Henry Taylor-Gill


Here’s a pretty extraordinary story: with the help of his iPhone and Google Translate, a state trooper managed to communicate with a diabetic Chinese man who was lying on the side of the road exhausted after driving nonstop from Montana to Oregon without insulin or food. The man was eventually transported to hospital where he recovered, but this wouldn’t have been possible without the help of the iPhone, KVAL reports.

As KVAL writes:

Sgt. Pat Shortt and Senior Trooper Mike Holloran stopped a car near The Dalles around 3 p.m. Sunday after several complaints that the driver was impaired.

The car was driving westbound on I-84 at the time.

Once they stopped the car, they realized the 57-year-old man behind the wheel didn’t speak English. Rather, he spoke Chinese, Shortt said.

The troopers had a hard time communicating with the man, but noticed he was indeed showing signs of impairment.

That’s when Holloran opened up the Google Translate app on his smart phone. He used the translation app to speak with the man in Chinese and realized he was a diabetic, Shortt said.

Medical personnel arrived and confirmed the man’s blood sugar was very high and that he was undergoing a diabetic reaction. He was taken to a nearby hospital.

This just shows that there really is, to quote Apple, an app for that.


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