RUMOR: Apple to Launch iTunes Store, App Store Redesigns Later This Year

Posted in Apple, Apple News on 21/02/2012 by Chris Hauk


In a move designed to keep Apple on top of the digital entertainment and software application businesses, they are preparing their first iTunes Store redesign in nearly three years.

Mark Gurman reports for 9to5Mac:

The redesign of the iTunes Store that runs on both the iTunes application for the Mac and the PC is a top priority for Apple. The work on the redesign comes soon after the launch of new services in the United States such as the Spotify music streaming service and the growing popularity of Amazon’s online music store. Apple dominates the majority of the digital music market, and it will continue to bet on an in-application download store and not an online store found only in a web browser.

The new design is said to be even simpler and more user-friendly than the current design. Apple is working on ways to enhance the speed and efficiency of finding new content, such as songs, videos, and applications. The cornerstone element of Apple’s new iTunes Store is interactivity. As Apple vaguely explained to a number of music labels and entertainment partners, Apple is looking to make the iTunes Store a much more engaging experience.

Even though the iTunes App Store is a popular service, users have complained about how difficult it is to find new and exciting software for their devices. Apple is likely working on a more interactive way to locate iOS software in the store.

It is not known if the new iTunes Store will launch alongside an entirely new version of the iTunes application. The new iTunes Store interactivity features are said to be for the iTunes Music, Movies, TV Show, and App Store sections, but may very well spread to the iBookstore.


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