Frankintosh: Apple II Meets Mac Mini G4

Frankintosh: Apple II Meets Mac Mini G4

The Apple II, great as it was, is virtually unusable nowadays, but Project Frankintosh has put some life back into the old machine, replacing the old spec with a 1.4Ghz Mac Mini G4. So if you like the retro style but want a working machine, this could be a great project for you.

The Mac Mini has been connected to all the old peripherals and the display, so you can use the classic keyboard and mouse with a way more modern machine. Granted, the Mac Mini G4 is old in itself compared to today’s models, but this shows that taking an old Mac and making it work today can be done.

Even though much expertise is needed to do this, if you’re a geek and enjoy modding computers, this could be something really fun to attempt.

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