New iPad Launches Around The World

New iPad Launches Around The World

Its time! The new iPad has officially launched in several countries around the world, among the earliest to receive the new devices being Australia, Singapore and Wal-Mart in the US, who opened their doors at one minute past midnight.

Photos curtesy of MacRumors.

The new iPad looks stunning on display in an Apple Store, and should really amaze people the moment they see it.

This was a queue at a Paris Apple Store at 10PM local time on the 15th. I imagine that at the time of writing (when it is 11AM local time), there is starting to be a serious shortage of iPads.

And as usual, there are a few scalpers in the mix as well, taking advantage of the huge demand for the new iDevice. The above are pictured in Hong Kong.

It promises to be a frantic 24 hours for Apple fanboys and people desperate to get their hands on the new device, so put your seat belts on, as this could be one hell of a ride.