Review: The underGROUND Sleeve for iPad by Incipio

Review: The underGROUND Sleeve for iPad by Incipio

Standing behind the sole focus “to provide customers with accessories that look as good as they function,” Incipio operates 24/7-around-the-globe to ensure their love of mobile devices and related hardware continues to fuel their passion.  The Irvine, CA startup has, in the past twelve years, become one of the leading mobile accessory companies in the world.  This is one of four review posts to shed some extra light on their stellar iPad 3rd generation line-up. To begin, I take a close look at the underGROUND.

Form, Function, Fashion

A stylish felt sleeve, underGROUND is perfect for the on-the-go professional that requires a classy touch.  A premium grade charcoal felt is accented with excellent white stitching and a tabbed front closure.  Sliding the hinged tab back reveals a supple suede lining, guaranteed to hold the iPad comfortably in-place.  All of the niceties are packaged in a low-profille and stylish demeanor.

The sleeve was designed with a little extra give, which easily accommodates the iPad-form-factor without busting through the seems.  As the materials are felt and suede, the folio will weather slightly and break-in during use, which is perfect for a slightly vintaged look over time.  The discreet, minimalistic and sophisticated look will further enhance your trendy appeal as you pull this from a briefcase at your next presentation to that important client.

While the underGROUND is felt and suede, the protection is sufficient.  As with all sleeve/slip covers, it is not going to protect your device from a significant fall, but be assured it offers excellent protection for its design.


Conclusion [rating: 5/5]

Breaking onto the iPad 3rd generation accessory scene early, Incipio provides an excellent initial line-up of quality accessories. The underGROUND ($29.99, Order Page) is no exception to the company’s high standard.  If you are one who usually dresses to impress, make sure your electronic accessories are as professional as your haberdashery line of clothing.


  • Simple and minimalistic
  • Professional
  • Premium felt and suede
  • Lightweight


  • Not as protective as a hardened case, but that comes with the territory