‘Pebble’ iPhone Wristwatch Nets Over $4 Million on Kickstarter, Breaks All-Time Record

Posted in Apple News on 18/04/2012 by Henry Taylor-Gill


Kickstarter is a real gold mine for exciting projects and bits of tech that make you think ‘why didn’t I think of that before?’. And the ‘Pebble’ wristwatch fits that description completely. It connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth and allows you to keep track of calls, check your music, oh, and of course, check the time.

It’s proven to be hugely popular, raising over forty times the amount they needed over $100,000, a grand total so far of $4,321,629. In fact, it has broken Kickstarter’s all-time funding record, making it the successful Kickstarter project to date – and it hasn’t even finished yet!

The watch essentially puts your iPhone on your wrist, and is also water resistant. The display is also very special: it uses e-ink technology, something that you find in the Kindle and that allows you to use it even in direct sunlight.

If you want one you’ll have to put up $115, but with thousands of backers, you definitely won’t be the only one.


Henry Taylor-Gill

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