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Pixar’s New Film ‘Brave’ Pays Tribute To Steve Jobs

Pixar’s New Film ‘Brave’ Pays Tribute To Steve Jobs

In perhaps one of the best tributes to Steve Jobs since his passing, Pixar pays its respects to the Apple icon in its new film ‘Brave’, with a mention of his name in the credits and a will-o’-the-wisp (a creature from the film) around his name, the Wall Street Journal reports.

It is the first film since Steve Jobs’ passing, and so it is guaranteed to have been extra emotional from Pixar’s point of view. The film itself is about a young Scottish girl who seeks a place in the world, with will-o’-the-wisps mysterious ghostly creatures that guide people to their destiny.

‘Brave’ opens June 22 and it will certainly be an unmissable film for Pixar fans.


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