Meet the New ModBook Pro: A Full-Fledged OS X Tablet Built From a 2012 13-Inch MacBook Pro!

Posted in Apple News, Mac on 28/06/2012 by J. Glenn Künzler


It’s been a long time since I’ve heard the name AxioTron. Back in 2007, the company created a unique modified MacBook called the ModBook – a full OS X based tablet computer (several years before the iPad!). Well, I’ve got two words for you: They’re back!

The company this morning announced a new ModBook Pro conversion kit, using the new 13-inch MacBook Pro as its base. From the website (via The Verge):

Built from a unique enclosure conversion kit, the Modbook Pro incorporates and completely encases the original hardware of a new Apple® MacBook® Pro 13.3-inch base system. Its Wacom® digitizer delivers 512 levels of pen pressure sensitivity — more than any other tablet computer on the market. And its ForceGlass™ screen provides an etched, paper-emulating drawing surface.

The result is a sleek tablet computer run by a powerful Mac base system, with a highly sensitive pen interface and a natural drawing surface, all fused into one device you can take with you and use anywhere.

The custom tablet is expected to get 7 hours of battery life, and will be available early this fall. No word has been given on pricing so far – but if the previous ModBooks are any indication, you can expect to pay a pretty penny to get your hands on one!

For more information, check out the official press release, or the new ModBook Pro website!


J. Glenn Künzler

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