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Be Sociable – 5 iOS Social Apps You May Not Have Heard Of

Be Sociable – 5 iOS Social Apps You May Not Have Heard Of

Everyone knows about Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, etc. But how about some of the lesser known social apps for iOS devices? Let’s take a look at some of these low profile apps that will help you socialize without ever leaving the house. Although a few of these will help you out if you do decide to step foot into the outside world.

All of these apps run on either the iPhone or iPad.

BuzzE – We reviewed this one back in December of 2011. BuzzE is a totally free, ad-supported social app. Access to the BuzzE network is via the iPhone app only. BuzzE offers innovative features such as “Streams”, “Stars”, and “Gifts”.

Much like being able to drop in an out of multiple cocktail parties on the fly, with “Streams” you can participate in discussions, games, prayer groups, and even karaoke! “Stars” is BuzzE’s way of rewarding users. If someone makes you smile, laugh, or you just think they’re cute, send them some stars. “Gifts” are similar to Stars, send various little gifts to fellow users. Send a virtual cup of coffee in the morning, or a single red rose.

BuzzE is monitored by moderators who are users who volunteer to try keep BuzzE pervert free. Someone gets weird on you, report them to a mod, and they’ll be warned, or in some cases banned from the service. It’s a great way to make sure you’ll have fun without it getting icky.

Available FREE in the App Store. (Direct Link)

Goodreads – This app claims to be the world’s largest site for readers, and book recommendations. They have over 8.7 million members, with over 300 million books on their “shelves”. This is a great app for readers who want to share their passion for books.

With this app you can keep track of what you want to read, review the books you’ve read, and even organize your reading history by adding books to you shelves. You can also see what other members are reading, and comment on their reviews.

I love the barcode scanner feature. When you’re in a bookstore, just scan the barcode on the book, add it to you “to-read” shelf and read reviews before buying it.

The app also allows you to read more than 2,000 public domain books free, share notes and progress on books, join online book clubs, and view literary events near you.

Available FREE in the App Store. (Direct Link)

Waze Social GPS – This is one of my favorites, it’s a social app that can help you find your way around if you decide to venture out into the world around you. (You have to find your way to the bookstore to be able to use “Goodreads”.)

Waze is a community based traffic and navigation app. The developer says by tapping into the driving community in your area, you can outsmart traffic, save time & gas, and improve everyone’s daily commute.

I’ve used this nav app, and it works great. The app is easy to use, and it’s been accurate so far.

With Waze, you can access real-time traffic and road alerts, get voice guided navigation, find the cheapest gas in the area, and even redeem special offers at participating gas stations. You can even share you location or destination with friends to make meeting up easier.

All in all a great navigation app, that has social aspects built-in. And you can’t beat the price.

Available FREE in the App Store. (Direct Link)

Fitocracy – The idea of Fitocracy is to get you to treat physical fitness like a video game. Level up in real life. You can earn points, unlock achievements, follow quests, and even “slay the laziness dragon.”

As well as tracking your own progress, you can also follow other “fitocrats”, and join in on conversations. You can help support each other, or even get a little competition going if that’s your thing.

With the addition of their website, you can also post your workout info and progress to Twitter and Facebook. browse other users’ profiles and find out what works for them.

Available FREE in the App Store. (Direct Link)

IntoNow from Yahoo! – This is a great little app, it allows you to share with the community whatever you’re watching on TV. With just a tap of the screen, the app listens to the show you’re watching, figures out what the show is, and which episode it is, if it’s a series, and grabs info about that show. The app will bring up related articles, stats, information about the actors, and much more.

You can capture and caption scenes from the TV, and share the screen captures with friends. If there’s music playing in the show, just let the app listen and it can tell you the title of the song, and who’s singing it.

By connecting with your friends, you can see what they’re watching, and instantly chat about it. You can even create a “buddies” group for a show. There is also trivia about the shows, discussions, polls, even live tweets from actors and personalities.

I’ve tried this app, and it does an amazing job of interpreting what show you’re watching and bringing up the info about it. I’ve tried to stump it with everything from the Dick Van Dyke Show, to Batman, to The Big Bang Theory. Live broadcast or DVR, it just knows.

Great app to make watching television a bit more social.

Available FREE in the App Store (Direct Link)

There you have it, 5 social apps you may not have been aware of. And they’re all great ways to be social without ever leaving your couch. Well, except for the Waze navigation app. And let’s face it, you eventually have to leave the house for soap and toilet paper, right? Oh, please tell me I’m right…