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Apple To Begin Personal Pickup Service Tonight For the iPhone

Apple To Begin Personal Pickup Service Tonight For the iPhone

If you’re among those who didn’t pre-order the iPhone 5, or you weren’t able to get your hands on one last Friday, there’s good news! Apple will reportedly begin taking Personal Pickup orders for the iPhone 5 starting tonight!

9to5Mac reports:

We are hearing that Apple expects to launch their in-store product reservation system, Personal Pickup, for iPhone 5 tonight at 10PM Eastern. Customers can use the Apple Store App or website between 10PM-4AM nightly to pre-purchase available iPhone 5 inventory for the next day. Because the customer is actually purchasing the iPhone they will have upwards of 2 weeks to pick up the phone (when it becomes available).

AppleInsidee is reporting the same:

Apple’s retail employees have begun informing customers that Personal Pickups for iPhone 5 orders will begin this evening at 10 p.m., AppleInsider has been told. Customers will be able to purchase their iPhone 5 online, and stores with inventory will hold the purchase for pickup the next day.

Personal Pickup allows users to reserve an iPhone the night before for pickup the next day and should be an excellent way for anyone to guarantee themselves an iPhone – especially now that online pre-orders can take up to a month to deliver!

The service is still dependent on iPhone 5 availability at any given store, and there are no guarantees that stock will actually be available (you won’t be able to “reserve” if there is no stock).

If you’re looking to get you hands on an iPhone 5 as quickly as possible, it’s definitely worth firing up the Apple Store app at 10 PM and trying your odds!

Update: 9to5Mac notes that Apple has now officially launched Personal Pickup for the iPhone 5, and have updated their Personal Pickup site to begin taking orders at 10 PM Pacific.