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How to Bring Podcasts Back Into The Music App in iOS 6

How to Bring Podcasts Back Into The Music App in iOS 6

One of the changes Apple made in iOS 6 was the removal of podcasts from the Music app, releasing a separate stand-alone Podcasts app instead. While some people preferred this approach, other people hate the change, and just want all of their audio in one place!

Fortunately, there’s a way to add podcasts back into the music app in iOS 6! Katie Floyd shares the details at her personal blog:

  • First, do a sync of your iPhone to iTunes make sure all your data is backed up to iTunes and current.
  • Plug your iPhone into your computer, then click on its entry in the Devices section of iTunes. On the “Podcasts” tab make sure syncing is turned OFF. If it isn’t, turn it off then re-sync your phone.
  • Force quit both the Music (iPod) app AND the Apple Podcast app. Double click the home button, press and hold on the app’s icon in the task switcher that appears, and tap the red “X”.
  • Uninstall the Podcasts app. Press and hold on its icon until they all start wiggling, then tap the red “X”. You will be warned that you will lose all of the app’s data. That’s ok; Don’t Panic!
  • Plug your phone back into iTunes, click its entry in the Devices section of iTunes, then click the Podcasts tab. Turn podcast syncing back on, and configure it to your preferences. Then sync your phone.
  • Now on your phone, go to the Music app, and tap on the “More…” tab. Then tap the “Edit” button. You should now have a Podcasts icon, which you can drag into your icon bar. (Note I had to force quit the Music App one more time and relaunch before podcasts would show up.)

I’ve gone through the steps and verified this myself – it does work, as you can see through the screenshots I grabbed above. Although I did have to launch and force quit the Music app a couple of times, as Katie notes in her final step.

There you have it! Enjoy!