iOS 6: Do Not Disturb

iOS 6: Do Not Disturb

One great feature of the iOS 6 update is one that some may never use, but one I’ve found that I’ve been using ever since I got my hands on the beta. Do Not Disturb.

Using Do Not Disturb, you can set your phone so it will automatically stop sending you notifications during certain timeframes. I have my iPhone set to not send me notifications between the hours of 10PM and 6AM. That’s my prime sleeping hours. (Well, except when I’m writing this article.)

I just have it set to not notify me of emails, text messages, and notifications from apps. My wife travels quite a bit, so I do have it set to allow phone calls through. You can set it to block all calls, only let through calls from your favorites, or certain groups of people. You can also set it so if you receive a second call within three minutes from someone you don’t normally allow calls from, the call will come through. Handy if someone needs to reach you in an emergency and you have calls blocked.

When Do Not Disturb is active, you’ll see a little moon icon just to the left of the clock in the status bar. Easy peasy, and such a handy feature if you’re trying to get a good night’s sleep.

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