iPhone 5 Lines Continue to Grow Worldwide

iPhone 5 Lines Continue to Grow Worldwide

If you’re planning on waiting in line at your local Apple Store to buy an iPhone 5 tomorrow morning, you might have wanted to have left for the store already… Like 5 hours ago. Lines are growing, and show no signs of stopping. Go, grab a chair or a sleeping bag, and get to the Apple Store, NOW!

If you are in line at an Apple Store waiting for an iPhone 5, or even if you’re just near one, We’d appreciate it if you’d take a photo and email it to us here at MacTrast. Please send it to: chris@www.mactrast.com. If we use it, we’ll be sure to give you credit! Thanks!

MacTrast reader Nigel Wilton sends us this photo from Basingstoke, England. Now those Apple employees know what it’s like to be an animal at the zoo.

Another great follower of MacTrast, Carson Lee sends greetings from in front of the Apple Store at the Mall of Millenia in Orlando, FL. Looks like that line stretches out for a millennial…

Reader Seth Knight sends us this shot from the Apple Store in somewhere in Iowa. Seth says he’s been there since 4 AM, and there are lots of people! Invite everyone there to breakfast at your house Seth! We can probably make it there in time for a late brunch…

Twitter follower @ekbinkley sends us a lonely shot in front of a Sprint store in Snellville, GA. I like his chances of getting an iPhone today!

A MacTrast follower with the beautiful name of Jelitsa sends us this group shot from Boca Town Center Mall in Boca Raton, FL. Good luck Jelitsa, tell them with a great name like that, they should put you at the front of the line!

MacTrast reader Colin Maxwell sent us this photo from Belfast. It was 3:51 AM when he took it. Colin says there are about 100 people waiting there. Thanks Colin!

Here’s the First iPhone Customer in Sydney. (Yup! It’s tomorrow there already. Lucky Australians and their time machines!)

An awesome panorama shot of the front part of the line at the Broadway store in Sydney, Australia. (Click the photo to get the full effect.)

Here’s the group waiting outside the Apple Store in Nice, France. Hope they brought some wine to make the wait go a little easier.

The Munich Apple Store. Hope someone knows a place that has good Sauerbraten that delivers!

Outside an Apple Store in Japan. Not exactly sure what is going on here, but I’m sure this fellow just got himself to the front of the line somewhere…

Back home in the U.S. – This line is at the Palo Alto, CA store. Looks like the last 4 campers in line are the Invisible Man and his family.

All of the above photos are courtesy of OUR fantastic readers, and MacStories and their readers,  as noted.

We’ll be adding more photos as we receive them. Remember, if you’re in line or near an Apple Store take a photo and send it to: chris@www.mactrast.com. If we use it. we’ll be sure to give you credit.

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