iPhone 5 Torture Tests (VIDEO)

iPhone 5 Torture Tests (VIDEO)

You would never dream of treating your new iPhone 5 with anything but loving respect and care. But thank Jobs there are some among us that are willing to buy a brand new iPhone and try to smash the crap out of it! Let’s take a look at a few videos, shall we?

The first, and sweetest torture test is performed by Android Authority. They tested the new iPhone 5 for durability vs. it’s biggest competitor, the Samsung Galaxy S III. Sadly for Samsung fans, their big guy doesn’t fare as well as the iPhone 5. Let’s sit quietly and watch…

Then the happy folks at iFixYouri.com ran another drop test…

I clenched a bit every time I heard the iPhone 5 hit the floor. GAH! Stood up well, though didn’t it?

Both of these videos show that the iPhone 5 is actually very durable, and can take a punch. No one is suggesting you toss it around like frisbee, or use it as a hockey puck, but for day-to-day dangers, it looks like this little puppy is going to stand up OK.

I’m still waiting for someone to run the Smith and Wesson torture test on an iPhone 5… Any volunteers?

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