New Apple Stores Opening Today In Turin And Paris Suburb

Posted in Apple, Apple News on 13/10/2012 by Henry Taylor-Gill


Two fairly significant Apple Stores opened this morning, one in Turin and one in Val d’Europe, a Paris suburb shopping centre near Disneyland Europe. As usual, huge crowds were waiting to get through the door. Here are some photos/video (via MacGeneration):


Val d’Europe

The Turin store is located on the Via Roma, and it is the second one in the area but the first one in the city centre itself. The store is spread out on two floors of a traditional building.

Meanwhile, the store in the Val d’Europe has the layout of many Apple Stores in shopping malls: one long space ending in a Genius Bar. The first 1000 who got through the door received a T shirt, and I assume that was the case in Turin as well.


Henry Taylor-Gill

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