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How to Automatically Lock Your Mac When Your iPhone is Out of Range

How to Automatically Lock Your Mac When Your iPhone is Out of Range

While it’s great to have a Mac around the home or office, locking and unlocking your Mac to keep prying eyes away from your business can be a hassle – and one extra step you may have to perform multiple times per day! What if there was a way to automatically lock your Mac whenever you are away, and unlock it when you’re nearby? Good news: there is!

Once upon a time, there was an app called AirLock that used the same principle – automatically locking or unlocking your Mac using your iPhone and Bluetooth. Unfortunately, the app no longer works under OS X Mountain Lion.

Fortunately, iOS developer Baz Scott has devised a clever way to use your iPhone’s Bluetooth connection to quickly lock or unlock your Mac whenever your iPhone is in or out of range. Here’s how to set it up – but I offer a fair warning – it’s not for the faint of heart!

To perform the hack, you’ll need a Mac running OS X Lion or Mountain Lion (it’ll likely work on some older versions as well), any phone or other device with Bluetooth connectivity, and a bit of AppleScript know how.

It’s a pretty cool trick, so long as you have the patience to do it. If you follow all of the directions correctly, you’ll now be able to lock or unlock your Mac effortlessly, just by walking in or out of the room! Head on over to Baz Scott’s blog for the full instructions!

  1. amencorner says:

    I just ran this script and I am running into a few problems.

    1. My iPhone 5 with bluetooth on and discoverable will disconnect and reconnect just sitting next too my computer.

    2. I can not get the script to enter in my password. and I have found some errors with the script provided by Baz.

    Any ideas?

    1. I’d recommend contacting the fellow who wrote the script.

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