Apple Stock Dips Below $510, Hits New 10-Month Low

Apple Stock Dips Below $510, Hits New 10-Month Low

Apple’s stock continues to take a beating today, with shares dipping as low as $507.66 in the morning hours – that’s as low as it has been since closing at $502.12 on February 17 of this year! Today’s dip is thought to be due to underwhelming response to this mornings iPhone 5 launch in China, as well as reports that Apple has recently reduced component orders from Asian suppliers.

Today’s dive is just the latest step in an ongoing trend driving Apple’s share prices down from a peak price of just over $700 in mid-September. It’s an unsettling time to hold shares of AAPL – but on a brighter note, this makes it a great time to buy for those considering opening positions in AAPL!


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