How to Make Siri Bring Up Directions in Google Maps, No Jailbreak Required! (Video)

Posted in Apps, How To, iOS on 18/12/2012 by J. Glenn Künzler


Many users cried out for joy when Google released their Maps app for iOS, offering another solid option for when Apple’s iOS 6 Maps app doesn’t do the trick. However, considering that Apple has build support for their own Maps into iOS 6, using Siri to get directions sends users to Apple Maps. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a way to use Siri to provide Google Maps directions instead…or is there?

The folks at JailbreakNation have devised a clever workaround to trick Siri into using Google Maps for directions rather than Apple’s controversial Maps app – and best of all, all it takes to make the magic happen are two little words: via transit. Instead of asking Siri to just find directions to a certain address, add the words “via transit” onto the end! Siri will present a list of navigation apps on your iPhone. Just tap Google Maps and you’ll be routed to their app instead of Apple’s!

Kudos to JailbreakNation for the clever tip!

  • Thank you this tip is awesome. You could also use it with your transit apps and tom-tom. It’s a much easier way to input information into all the other apps. So now Apple maps becomes the dispatcher of directions.

  • But there’s one issue if Apple maps places the address incorrectly it will still direct every other mapping app to that incorrect location.

  • mememe

    cool – i get to use the Google Friendly app but still get led astray by Apple?


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