How to Prevent Google Maps From Tracking You in iOS 6

Posted in Apple, How To, iOS on 13/12/2012 by J. Glenn Künzler


Google released their new Maps app for iOS yesterday, and for the most part, it has gotten rave reviews. People really seem to like it. Unfortunately, despite the many good things about Google Maps, Google has snuck one nasty bit in there as well: the app collects user location data without permission. Fortunately, disabling the tracking is easy (despite having to navigate through 6 pages of settings to do it.).

To disable location tracking, first launch Google Maps, and tap on the person-shaped icon next to the search field, then the Settings icon, and then the About, terms and privacy pane. Next, tap the Terms & privacy pane, and then the Location data collection pane in the following tab. Now just switch the setting to off, and you’re all set!

It’s unfortunate that Google has taken the route of tracking user location without permission – and equally disappointing that they’ve hidden this toggle beneath six pages of settings. But hey – at least they did provide a way to turn it off!

  • Thanks for the tip!

    In the german version there is an opt-in/-out bottom when u first launch the app – makes disabeling data collection a bit easier. I don’t know, if it’s the same in versions with other languages.

  • Rick

    The very first time you open the app, it gives you an option to either opt in or opt out. By default, the box is checked (opting in). Just uncheck it and click next. Google didn’t hide anything or even try to be sneaky.

    • Shane_76

      This. I was going to say, mine was set to off because, shocker, I took the time to read what they were asking rather than blindly clicking yes when installing. Not that difficult.

  • Scott Stonefield

    Google also says that is is anonymous data also, so I don’t think they are really tracking YOU.


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