Amazing Apple Anecdote: Steve Was Just A Normal Guy #1

Amazing Apple Anecdote: Steve Was Just A Normal Guy #1

We’re back with another Amazing Apple Anecdote. This week we look at the first in a series of random people meeting or talking to Steve Jobs. First up we have Michell Smith, whose email to Steve Jobs imploring him to not come back to Apple dramatically backfired.

Steve Jobs

Michell Smith, via Quora:

Prior to his return to Apple, it was obvious that the company was in trouble. Larry Ellison had floated the idea of a hostile takeover of the company, but it seemed to some of us Apple watchers that then-CEO Gil Amelio’s turnaround plan might work.

I wrote an impassioned email to Steve at Pixar, pleading with him to find something else to do with his time. “Please,” I implored him, “don’t come back to Apple, you’ll ruin it.”

At the time, I really thought Steve and Larry were just twisting the knife into an already struggling company. As I made my living on Macs, I wanted the company to survive and not be distracted by Steve and Larry’s games.

Shortly thereafter, Steve emailed me. He explained what he was trying to do, and that he was trying to save Apple.

And then he wrote the words I’ll never forget:

“You may be right. But if I succeed, remember to look in the mirror and call yourself an asshole for me.”

Consider it done, Steve. I could not have been more mistaken.

Steve Jobs. The CEO with the best comebacks of all time? I think so. That’s all for this week but we’ll be back soon with more. For now though, enjoy!