Apple Devices Set to Outsell Windows-Based Devices for the First Time Ever in 2013

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The rivalry between Apple and Microsoft has been one of the deepest and longest-lasting corporate rivalries of the consumer electronics industry – and up until now, Microsoft has dominated Apple in the number of Microsoft-based devices sold versus the number of Apple devices sold. According to research firm Gartner, however, that’s about to change.

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The Financial Times, citing Gartner’s report (via BGR):

Consumers will buy more Apple devices than PCs, tablets and smartphones running Windows for the first time this year, analysts predict, underlining the urgency of the threat to Microsoft’s platform dominance in the shift from desktop to mobile.

Gartner, the market research group, forecast in a report released on Thursday that sales of tablets would overtake traditional desktops and laptops by 2015, while other analysts have predicted the shift could come even sooner.

That’s a pretty significant achievement for Apple. For more information, including specific figures, analysis of the tablet market vs. the PC market, and more, check out the original report over at Gartner.

  • Patrick Faiola

    Windows 8 operating system is now up to 30 gigabytes of software. Software built on top of old software built on top of old software. Apple has only 4 gigabytes of software. When you have 30 gigs of software you have problems in the making. Windows has hit the wall and has no idea what consumers really want. I like Windows 7 but I am not able to buy it on a new unit in any store, what a shame. I hate windows 8. Guess I have to pay a premium and move over to a Apple computer. Still running XP on my older computers. Windows leadership is a bunch of craggy old men who lost touch of reality and their sales figures are showing it.

  • Sly

    This article incorrectly quotes the Gartner report. Follow the link in the article to the report to see the real figures. For “this year” (2013) the reports lists Windows 354m and iOS/MacOS 293m.


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