Apple to Debut In-Store iPhone 5c Screen Repair Next Week

Apple to Debut In-Store iPhone 5c Screen Repair Next Week


9to5Mac reports that multiple sources tell them that Apple will kick-off in-store repair/replacement of iPhone 5c screens as of Monday, January 20th. Apple has reportedly been working several months to supply stores with the required calibration machines and replacement screens.



The on-site iPhone 5c display program is perhaps the most convenient way for Apple to offer iPhone screen repairs. If a user has a broken display, the store could fix the screen (typically within an hour) and not need to replace the entire phone. 

The main advantage for the customer will be the elimination of the device swap. The user will be able to walk out of the store with a repaired device, with no need to restore his apps and data. In the past, if an iOS device was brought in with a broken screen, the entire unit would be swapped out for another device.

If a device is not covered under warranty, the screen replacement will likely run $149, less than a full replacement would cost.

Apple has been piloting iPhone 5c screen replacements in a select number of stores in the U.S. the last few months. The January 20th rollout will be the full-scale launch of the program.

iPhone 5s screen repairs are not being performed at this time, however, they are reportedly on the way, with 5s repairs currently in a small rollout stage, with some parts on both devices already being replaced in-store.