Apple Highlights How Final Cut Pro X Was Used to Produce ‘Focus’

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Apple throws the spotlight on the upcoming romantic comedy “Focus,” starring Will Smith and Margot Robbie, providing a behind the scenes look at how Final Cut Pro X was used to produce the film.

Apple Shows How Final Cut Pro X Was Used to Produce 'Focus'

Apple’s feature section provides an in-depth look at how the Focus filmmakers used Final Cut Pro X for editing, effects, and post-production.

“Directors John Requa and Glenn Ficarra believed that to make a compelling film about a con man, they’d need to lie at least as persuasively as he did. “Any movie is a series of lies,” says Requa. “But you have to make sure the lies work so you don’t alienate the audience.” For their new feature film, Focus, that meant creating intricate, tightly edited scenes that convincingly sell the schemes of grifter protagonist Nicky Spurgeon (Will Smith).”

Apple Shows How Final Cut Pro X Was Used to Produce 'Focus'

The pair opted to use Apple’s professional video editing suite, and the results were even better than they expected.

“The movie came in on time and under budget, and it played and looked just as they’d envisioned it. “We got exactly the film we set out to make,” says Requa. “What I love about Final Cut Pro X is that it allowed me to be involved with, and in control of, every aspect of making our film.”

While many have criticized Final Cut Pro X following its 2011 release, with many calling the new app “iMovie Lite” the directors of Focus told USA Today that they appreciate how the software is easier to use and how it resembles the interface of iMovie.

“Many editors called the new FCPX ‘iMovie Lite,’ when it was released, and not ready for the big leagues, but Ficarra says he likes that FCPX is easier to use, and that it’s look and feel is akin to iMovie. ‘We have a whole generation of kids learning on iMovie,’ he says. ‘They’ll be familiar with this tool when they get into the real world.'”

Apple Shows How Final Cut Pro X Was Used to Produce 'Focus'

The full length feature on Apple’s website goes into detail as to how Apple’s products – including an 8-core Mac Pro – and third-party hardware were used to bring Focus, well, into focus.

Final Cut Pro X is available for $299.99 on the Mac App Store. [DIRECT LINK]


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