Apple TV Lineup Expands With TED, Young Hollywood, Tastemade

Apple TV Lineup Expands With TED, Young Hollywood, Tastemade

Apple added three new channels to their Apple TV lineup on Tuesday. The three channels are TED, Tastemade, and Young Hollywood.

Apple TV Lineup Expands With TED, Young Hollywood, Tastemade
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The TED channel brings over 1,900 lectures and performances from the online network. The TED channel is divided into Front Page, Talks, and Playlist sections. The Talks and Playlist sections allow viewers to browse by category, or theme. The Front Page offers trending videos and a random playback option using various themes.

Users can also sign in with an existing TED account, allowing them to sync their Watch List across devices.

The Tastemade channel is a food and cooking channel, but with a twist. A special emphasis is made on covering the culinary scene in various cities.

Young Hollywood covers music, celebrities and lifestyles. The channel’s interface allows browsing by show, performer, or genre.

The additions to the Apple TV lineup come on the heels of rumors that Apple is working on a subscription television streaming service, as well as a new Apple TV device that would offer beefier specs, and App Store, and Siri. Apple is rumored ot be readying the new box for a debut at this June’s Worldwide Developers Conference.

(Via AppleInsider)


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