iSwift 1.2 Converts Objective-C Code to Swift

iSwift 1.2 Converts Objective-C Code to Swift

Mac and iOS developers who are making the move from Objective-C to Swift will be interested in the announcement from today, as they have introduced iSwift, the first Objective-C to Swift converter for Mac-based developers.

iSwift 1.2 Converts Objective-C Code to Swift

iSwift offers automatic as-you-type conversion of your Objective-C sources to the Swift language, along with a full-featured Objective-C editor. iSwift offers a way to convert and translate existing Objective-C files, Cocoa or iOS, to Swift on the fly, which should make Xcode project migration a lot easier.

iSwift Features Include:

  • Easy-to-use, intuitive UI
  • Batteries-included: You don’t need to install anything – It just works
  • Ultra fast: Automatic as-you-type live conversion from Objective-C to Swift
  • Drag’n’Drop: Drop your Objective-C source onto the App icon, import the file and have it instantly converted
  • Advanced: Syntax Highlighting, Autocompletion, Live Syntax Checking & Error Reporting and Lots of Advanced editing options – powered by Peppermint
  • Sophisticated: deep syntax recognition (including Objective-C 2.0)

iSwift requires OS X 10.7 or later, an Intel processor, and 18.7 MB of disk space.

iSwift 1.2 is available for $9.99 USD, and is available worldwide through the iSwift website. A trial version is available for download from the iSwift website. An online demo is also available.

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