Aaron Sorkin and Kate Winslet Receive Golden Globes Awards for Work on ‘Steve Jobs’ Film

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While the “Steve Jobs” biopic may have bombed at the box office, it did well at the Golden Globes awards on Sunday, taking two of the four awards it was up for. Aaron Sorkin took the Best Screenplay trophy, while Kate Winslet received the award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role.

Aaron Sorkin and Kate Winslet Receive Golden Globes Awards for Work on 'Steve Jobs' Film

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… However, Michael Fassbender lost out to Leonardo DiCaprio in Best Performance by an Actor. Daniel Pemberton, who wrote the score for the movie, was also beaten by Ennio Morricone for The Hateful Eight.

DiCaprio had been offered the title role in Steve Jobs, but turned it down, which led to the casting of Fassbender in the role.

Sorkin, in accepting the award, delivered a quip that acknowledged the film’s less than stellar performance at the box office:

The title of the movie changed to ‘Box Office Failure Steve Jobs’ after its third week. It took some of the air out of the pride that we were feeling. We didn’t want that to be the epithet of the movie. This is just very, very nice.

The movie reportedly had estimated production and marketing costs of around $60 million, meaning the film would have been required to make around $120 million just to break even. So far, the U.S. box office amounts to around $17.7 million. (The Guardian)

The film was badmouthed by many of Jobs’ closest friends and co-workers, including his widow, Laureen Powell Jobs, and current Apple CEO Tim Cook. Powell Jobs was reportedly offered a chance to be included in the film’s production, and to be on set, but her disdain for the Walter Isaacson biography – which the biopic is based on – led her to refuse the offer.

Not all of Jobs’ former colleagues were against the film, as Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, who was a paid consultant on the film, said he believed the filmmakers “did a great job.”

The “Jobs” film will see a home video release in February, with a digital launch on February 2, and it will hit retailer’s shelves on physical media on February 16.


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