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Apple CEO Tim Cook: AirPods a ‘Runaway Success’

Apple CEO Tim Cook: AirPods a ‘Runaway Success’

Apple CEO Tim Cook is spending a few days in New York, and earlier today toured the New York Stock Exchange with his nephew. While there, he took a few moments to peak with CNBC.

Apple CEO Tim Cook: AirPods a 'Runaway Success'

In comments to CNBC, Cook declined to talk specifically on Apple’s outlook, but he said it has been a “great holiday.” He added that the company’s new wireless earbuds, AirPods, are “a runaway success.” When asked if more would come into stock, he said Apple’s “making them just as fast as we can.”

AirPods, Apple’s first completely wireless Bluetooth headphones, were unveiled in September of this year, but didn’t hit store shelves until the week before Christmas. Apple has since been struggling to keep the new earbuds on shelves.

While Apple retail stores and third-party retailers have been receiving regular shipments, AirPods are flying off of shelves as soon as they arrive. Currently, online orders of the wireless headphones won’t ship until six weeks out.

Cook’s visit to the New York Stock Exchange was as a private citizen, not in an official capacity with Apple, which is listed on the Nasdaq. Cook is visiting New York with his nephew.

“I’m just here with my nephew, enjoying a couple of days in New York,” Cook said. “I love it. I wanted him to see what you guys do for a living.”

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