How to Search Messages on your iOS 10 Device

How to Search Messages on your iOS 10 Device

The great thing about iOS is that almost everything is searchable. Many users may not realize that includes the messages in the iOS 10 Messages app. Here’s how to quickly search your messages on your iOS 10 device.

How to Search Messages on your iOS 10 Device

1.) Open the “Messages” app on your iOS device.

2.) While on the message thread screen, (that’s the screen that shows a list of your messages), swipe your finger down on the list, that will display a Search Bar.

How to Search Messages on your iOS 10 Device

3.) Tap in the Search Bar field, and enter your search term. This could be a single word, a phrase, a name, or anything else you could think of.

4.) As you type, you’ll see message threads containing the search term begin to appear on the screen.

5.) Any of the messages in the list can be tapped for viewing.

When you’re finished, clear the Search Bar to view a list of all of the messages on your device.

You can also search for messages via the Spotlight Search bar from the Home Screen. Simply swipe down on the Home Screen to display the Spotlight Search Bar, and then enter your search term.

How to Search Messages on your iOS 10 Device

While this will display all of your messages that include the search term, it will also display everything else on the device that matches the term. This includes emails, messages, apps, music, news, and more.

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