ALDI Grocery Store Chain Adds Support for Apple Pay at Checkout

Posted in Apple News, Apple Pay on 22/09/2017 by Chris Hauk


If you’re an iPhone- or Apple Watch- using fan of ALDI grocery stores like we are, you’ll be glad to hear the 1,700 store strong supermarket chain now accepts Apple Pay at their checkout lines.

Aldi Grocery Store Chain Adds Support for Apple Pay at Checkout


Committed to making grocery shopping smart, fast and easy, ALDI now
accepts Apple Pay, Android Pay and all other forms of contactless payment. ALDI, known for its super-speedy checkout process, will offer the new payment option at all of its nearly 1,700 stores nationwide.

“We’re continually innovating to provide our customers a faster, more efficient shopping experience that saves them time and money,” said Jason Hart, CEO of ALDI. “Shoppers love ALDI because we build and run stores they can shop quickly. Contactless payment makes shopping at ALDI that much faster and more convenient.”

Apple Pay has continued to grow slowly around the globe since its launch alongside the iPhone 6 three years ago. The service will expand its abilities later this fall, with the launch of Apple Pay Cash, which allows users to make direct person-to-person transfers from an iPhone or Apple Watch.


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