iPhone Battery Replacement Wait Times Longer Than Ever

Posted in iPhone on 28/02/2018 by Chris Hauk


If you haven’t had the degraded battery replaced in your older iPhone, you’re going to wait awhile. Users needing an iPhone battery replacement are facing a weeks long wait.

iPhone Battery Replacement Wait Times Longer Than Ever


Average wait times for a new battery have jumped up to 2.7 to 4.5 weeks based on a series of Apple Store checks conducted by Barclays analyst Mark Moskowitz (via Business Insider). That’s up from around 2.3 to 4.5 weeks earlier in the year.

Customers are reported to be facing extended waits for a replacement, with some said to have been waiting for weeks to hear from Apple about the battery fix.

When you begin the battery replacement process with Apple, your local store needs to order the part from Apple, and then contact you when the new power cell arrives.

The report indicates the wait times vary according to where you’re located and which device you have. iPhone 6 and 6s device owners are facing longer waits than those needing batteries for the newer iPhone 7.

iPhone 6s Plus owners are reporting waits that have stretched into months. Apple announced in January that replacement battery for the iPhone 6 Plus are in such short supply that owners of the device will be faced with a wait stretching into March or April.

Apple has been offering $29 battery replacements for iPhone 6 and newer handsets since January. The program was launched following backlash over power management features Apple initiated in iOS 10.2.1.


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