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Miami Zoo Give iPads to Their Orangutans

Posted on 10/05/2012 by Chris Hauk

Orangutan iPad thumb

In what appears to be a continuing effort to insure that the prophecy of the Planet of the Apes movies comes true, another zoo is supplying iPads to their orangutans in an effort to communicate with them.


Google Working On Game Center Clone

Posted on 10/05/2012 by J. Glenn Künzler

13 - Game Center

Google are working on a clone of Apple’s incredibly popular Game Center feature on iOS, which allows you to go up against your friends in most games available on the iPhone, if an inside source is to be believed.


7-Inch iPad Mini Launching in October for $200-250?

Posted on 10/05/2012 by J. Glenn Künzler

iPad mini thumb 2

It’s been known for a while that Apple is testing a smaller 7-inch version of the iPad. According to a new report, however, Apple is indeed planning an “iPad mini”, which is expected to launch in October for between $200 and $250.


Apple Offers $16m for Chinese iPad Trademark, Proview Wants $400m

Posted on 10/05/2012 by Chris Hauk

iPad China Thumb

Apple has been reported to be in serious negotiations with Proview for the Chinese trademark rights to the iPad name. Now, comes a report that Apple has offered $16 million for the name, but Proview is holding out for $400 million.


Foxconn to Improve Labor Conditions, Apple Will Share Costs

Posted on 10/05/2012 by Chris Hauk


Foxconn Technology Group will be improving labor conditions at the Chinese factories that assemble iPhones and iPads, Foxconn’s top executive said on Thursday. Apple will be sharing the costs of the improvements.


Siri The Scientist: British Telecom Reveals Her Love For Experiments

Posted on 10/05/2012 by Henry Taylor-Gill

Siri Thumb

We know Siri loves many things, but what about scientific experiments? She does apparently, as a team of researchers from British Telecom, BioTeam and Accelyrs have hooked her up to some scientific data analysis software with some impressive results.


Mac Tip: A Talking Calculator

Posted on 10/05/2012 by Mark Greentree


In this Mac tip I take a look at how to have the buttons and calculations spoken to you within the Calculator included with Mac OS X. This is very handy for anyone with visible difficulties.


Review: iSimplyConnect – A Simple VPN Client for iPad

Posted on 09/05/2012 by Chris Hauk


Does your business need to give your iPad carrying employees access to your network, files, and applications? Don’t want to set up VPN hardware? iSimplyConnect could be the solution for you.


Google Launches Completely Redesigned Google+ App for iOS

Posted on 09/05/2012 by J. Glenn Künzler

Google+ Thumb

Google has updated their Google+ app for iOS with a completely revamped design, similar to the recent design changes at the Google+ website. Some of the changes include new fonts, larger profile pictures, and full-screen display mode for photos.


Apple Releases Safari 5.1.7, Disables Older Versions of Flash

Posted on 09/05/2012 by J. Glenn Künzler

Safari Thumb

Apple has released Safari 5.1.7. One of the more notable aspects of the update is that it automatically disables older versions of Adobe Flash, and directs users to download the latest version from Adobe’s website.


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