Pre-Order Customer Receives Her Rose Gold iPhone 6s Before Launch Date

Pre-Order Customer Receives Her Rose Gold iPhone 6s Before Launch Date

One iPhone 6s pre-order customer got a pleasant surprise on Monday, unexpectedly receiving her new rose gold handset days before the official launch date of this Friday.



A graphic designer living in San Diego, Calif., posted photographic evidence of the early delivery to Twitter, showing off what is thought to be one of the first Phone 6s handsets in public circulation. Going by the handle @MoonshineDesign, the lucky iPhone owner’s post caught the eye of AT&T, which subsequently congratulated her through its official Twitter presence.

Over the weekend, a number of pre-order customers reported they had been seeing notifications that their iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus handsets has begun shipping from China. Some of the estimated delivery dates showed a date of Monday, September 21.

Apple requests delivery companies to hold any pre-order shipments until the official day of release, but a few usually slip through for early delivery. This may be one of the earliest reported deliveries so far.

This model year, Apple has an unusually long window between pre-sale and delivery. While the normal window is one week, this time Apple allotted a two week period between pre-order and launch day, perhaps to allow for a buffer against launch day shortages.

@MoonshineDesign has already posted photos and videos taken with her new precious, and has even benchmarked it, posting a single-core score of 2,391 and multi-core score of 4,806.

Damn, we are so jealous!