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Apple to Make “Substantial Contribution” to American Red Cross Refugee Effort

Apple to Make “Substantial Contribution” to American Red Cross Refugee Effort

Last week, Apple announced that it would be accepting donations via iTunes to the American Red Cross, to support the refugee and migration crisis across the Mediterranean Sea and Europe.

Apple to Make "Substantial Contribution" to American Red Cross Refugee Effort

Now, in an email to employees, Apple CEO Tim Cook says the Cupertino firm will be making “a substantial donation” to the cause, and will also match any Apple employee contributions on a 2-to-1 basis.

Cook’s email, via Buzzfeed:


As we’ve all seen and read in the news, millions of people from Syria and other Middle Eastern countries have fled their homes because of war and persecution. Europe, where many hope to find safety, is experiencing a refugee crisis on a scale that hasn’t been seen since World War II. Thousands of people have already lost their lives as families embark on long and dangerous journeys across land and sea.

Our hearts go out to these refugees, and many of you have asked how we can help.

Apple is making a substantial donation to relief agencies which provide humanitarian aid to refugees in Europe and around the Mediterranean. We’re also making it easy for our customers to support this effort by donating to the Red Cross via the App Store and iTunes.

For employees who donate to the Red Cross campaign and other select relief efforts, Apple will match your contribution 2-for-1. For details, please visit the Apple Matching Gifts program page here.

Apple is dedicated to advancing human rights around the world. We hope the actions we’re taking will help make the situation less desperate for some, and ease the hardship so many are enduring.

Thank you.


9to5Google reports that Google also recently created a donation-matching program, which it hopes will help it raise more than $11 million to aid the refugees currently living in Europe.

(Via 9to5Mac)