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Untethered Jailbreak Tool Released for iOS 8.3

Posted on 23/06/2015 by Chris Hauk

TaiG, the jailbreaking team out of China, has released an untethered jailbreak tool for iOS 8.3. The Windows-only tool works with compatible iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices.


New Video Claims to Show Untethered iOS 7.1.1 Jailbreak

Posted on 21/05/2014 by Chris Hauk

A few days ago, Stefan Esser, better known as i0n1c among jailbreakers, revealed he had successfully performed an untethered jailbreak on his iPhone 5c running iOS 7.1.1. Now he’s showing off his feat, posting a video showing his device running Cydia on iOS 7.1.1, both before and after the device is turned off, and then back on.


Evad3rs Team Addresses iOS 7 Jailbreak Questions & Concerns

Posted on 26/12/2013 by Chris Hauk

There has been much controversy around the surprise public release of an iOS 7 jailbreak earlier this week, and the jailbreak’s authors, the evad3rs, have published another open letter in an attempt to clear up some questions and concerns related to the release.


Jailbreak Appstore Cydia Updated With New iOS 7 Inspired Design

Posted on 24/12/2013 by J. Glenn Künzler

Following the release of the Evad3rs’ release of the first untethered iOS 7 jailbreak, Jay Freeman, creator of jailbreak App Store Cydia, has put in some excellent work, and has released an updated version of Cydia with a new look and feel designed with iOS 7 in mind.


How to Jailbreak iOS 7 Using the New ‘evasi0n’ Untethered Jailbreak

Posted on 23/12/2013 by J. Glenn Künzler

Now that the new untethered iOS 7 jaiulbreak is live, and out there in the world, some of you might be wondering how to use it on your devices. Fortunately, it’s extremely simple – and Tom Richardson has put together a handy video tutorial to show you exactly how it is done!


Evad3rs Release First Untethered Jailbreak for iOS 7

Posted on 23/12/2013 by J. Glenn Künzler

The moment many iOS 7 users have been waiting 4 has finally arrived. In a surprise announcement on Sunday (and just in time for the holidays), the Evasion team has released the first untethered jailbreak for iOS 7. The update is compatible with any and all iOS devices running iOS 7 firmwares up to 7.0.4.