Pangu Releases iOS 9.1 JailBreak, Apple TV 4 Jailbreak Coming Soon

Pangu Releases iOS 9.1 JailBreak, Apple TV 4 Jailbreak Coming Soon

The Pangu hacking team has released an update to its jailbreaking tool, which now offers the ability to jailbreak devices running iOS 9.1. Perhaps of more interest is a promise by that same Pangu team that a jailbreak for the fourth-generation Apple TV will be released next week!

Pangu Releases iOS 9.1 JailBreak, Apple TV 4 Jailbreak Coming Soon


Unfortunately, few people will be able to take advantage of this jailbreak that haven’t already. Why? Apple stopped signing iOS 9.1 back in late December, which means that anyone not currently running iOS 9.1 can no longer downgrade or upgrade to that particular version of iOS. Since many of those who are not jailbroken have since upgraded to newer versions of iOS, and those that are jailbroken are still running earlier version of iOS, it limits the scope of potential users.

While most iOS 9 users have moved on from iOS 9.1, Pangu might as well go for it and release their jailbreak, as the kernel bug used for the iOS 9.1 jailbreak was fixed by Apple in iOS 9.2.

The Pangu 1.3 tool for iOS 9.1 is available from Pangu’s official website. The tool only works for iOS 9.1 on a 64-bit device. 32-bit devices running earlier versions of iOS 9 can be jailbroken using the tool.

Apple TV 4 Jailbreak

Perhaps the bigger jailbreaking-related story of the day is news of a jailbreak for the fourth-generation Apple TV. Pangu tweeted via its official Twitter account that it will release a jailbreak for Apple TVs running tvOS 9.0.X next week.

The jailbreak will only include SSH access, so this initial version will likely be of interest only to a select few, but it’s definitely a good first step in the right direction, perhaps opening the device up to modifications and enhancements of all sort.

The Usual Disclaimers

We recommend that you backup your device’s data to iTunes or iCloud before attempting any jailbreak, as there is always the possibility of data loss, or of bricking your device.

Also, keep in mind that jailbreaking a device puts you out there on the edge, making your device more vulnerable to crashes and security risks. And of course, it violates Apple’s End User License Agreement, and could possibly void any warranty you have left on your device. Also, look both ways before crossing the street, and never take candy from strangers, but if you do, make sure its the really good chocolate candy, and not any of that Now & Later chewy taffy crap.

  1. milo says:

    been waiting months to jailbreak 9.1 for my 4s finally comes and ony for 64 bit devices…… so annoyed please please please release one for 32 bit as wanna downgrade this slow ios 9 4s back to ios 6

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