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MailPlane – A Quick Review of A Gmail Desktop Client for Mac

Hi. My name is Cormac and I’m a Gmail addict. I spend about 3 hours a day sending, reading, and replying to email. You might think that that is pretty bad but that’s not the worst part!
I also have multiple Gmail accounts!

This means either associating each Gmail account with a specific browser to avoid the headache of logging in and out all day long, or, live with logging in and out of accounts throughout the day and slowly go crazy!

Neither are enjoyable.

So, when I heard of MailPlane I was a little bit excited (sad, I know!). MailPlane is a desktop based email client for Gmail.

Once you have installed MailPlane, and added your Gmail account, it sits within single-click distance in your dock like any other application. This is great for those of us that practically live within our inbox.

What I like most about MailPlane is that it supports multiple Gmail and Google Apps accounts. No more logging in and out of accounts to get to your mail, and no more Firefox = work email and Safari = personal email problems.

Phew! A bit of harmony and stability at long last!

Mail Plane embeds the design of Gmail within the app meaning that you don’t need to figure out how to use it when you first get started. It looks and behaves exactly like the browser version, but with added functionality.

Some of the added functionality includes the ability to quickly attach screenshots to your emails, a dedicated window for Google Talk, quickly jump between accounts, Growl email notifications, quickly add contacts from Address Book, and it even triggers a sound for new email notifications.

Another interesting feature is the ability to enable two plugins – Load Rapportive & TrueNew. Rapportive replaces Google Ads with a profile of the person you are emailing. Rapportive finds information about your contact by searching various online services using your contact’s email address. TrueNew replaces the unread email count in your inbox with a count of the amount of unread email since the last time you visited your inbox – a very handy plugin for those of us that have a few thousand unread emails in our inbox!

The guys from MailPlane have even broken down the major advantages of using their software rather than accessing Gmail through your browser in this handy comparison chart and they produced a series of screencasts that highlight many of the features of MailPlane.

A 30 day trial of MailPlane is available to download from MailPlaneApp.com and if you’re an addict like me then you probably already clicked the link and downloaded the app!