Apple Still Looms Over CES 2011

Well, CES 2011 is in full swing with an enormous amount of product introduction and accessories, it appears that Apple is once again looming over the entire event. While these products are being showcased for the first time on a major scale in their own right, they are doing so with the intent of dethroning Apple with each introduction.

The Motorola XOOM is attempting to show it’s competitive edge over the iPad by specifically showing the features that the iPad does not currently possess, such as 1080p resolution, “dual core processing” and a front facing camera.

The Samsung 7-Series Sliding Notebook is trying to show that it’s more portable and that the 7-inch tablet slides out to reveal a keyboard for typing on hard keys.

There are many more from the Windows 7 phones to the Apple touch-gesture inspired new mouse for use with Windows products and the list goes on. The products that do not directly aim to compete or integrate into the iLine of mobile devices are showing that you still need independent devices for such things as photography, music and video, as opposed to devices with multiple purposes.

While there are some very impressive products being displaying for the gaping masses at CES 2011, one thing is quite evident from the way that it has gone about its business. Apple is leading the charge and has a number of flags already firmly planted on technology hill that is helping shape our daily lives. By incorporating more of what we need from our mobile devices on the fly, Apple is indirectly shaping even the events of the competition. Many people will say what they will regarding Apple’s mindset, but the proof of how successful you are as a company is displayed by the reaction of your competition. Apple has shown the direction of the future in mobile computing and everyone else is just trying to play catch-up with the leader. If you need more convincing, simply refer to the front page of the 2011 International CES site which has, you guessed it, an app for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.