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Vitamin-R – Part Of The Do Work AppSumo Bundle

Why didn’t anybody tell me about Vitamin-R earlier?

Vitamin-R is normally priced at €19.95 but it is available in AppSumo’s Productivity Bundle for only $15 along with other great productivity apps such as TaskPaper, Arrange, and Backblaze Online Backup. If purchased individually, these apps would normally cost $66.

Have you ever had that feeling that you did nothing today? Vitamin-R helps you achieve your daily goals by eliminating procrastination and focusing your mind on small manageable tasks.

Vitamin-R is a collection of tools and techniques designed to overcome the biggest productivity challenges facing today’s creative professionals: managing attention and maintaining motivation.

Vitamin-R complements the task capturing and organizing features of modern to-do list managers, by forcing you to concentrate fully on one task a time and keeping distractions at bay.

In a nutshell, you create a new task, you tell Vitamin-R to shut down a range of apps that could distract you, and then assign a time to complete the task by and add in a level of priority.

Vitamin R provides you with timely reminders about how much time is remaining in your task. You can pause and rewind Vitamin-R accordingly if you get interrupted. The app even plugins with popular task management applications such as Things and OmniFocus.

Vitamin R is a truly innovative task management application app. I would be lost without it.