3D Ads Launch On The IPad

3D Ads Launch On The IPad

Cooliris and InMobi have come together to offer interactive 3D advertising on the iPad. Check out the below video to see an advertisement in action.

Soujanya Bhumkar, CEO of Cooliris, in a company announcement said “Advertisers can now regard the ad unit as a full brand experience rather than a sizing constraint on messaging. This partnership gives users a new experience that makes brand ads engaging and memorable.”

The 3D Ad units will allow you to:

  • Flip and turn products to see all sides–top, bottom, left, right, and just about everything in between.
  • See different perspectives of your product as the page scrolls up and down.
  • Leverage the power of iPad interactivity to rotate, zoom, select objects in your ad.

The Ads will work on iPad iOS 4.2 with iPhone and Android 3D ads coming further down the line.

(Via TNW)