Apple To Refresh iPod Classic

Apple To Refresh iPod Classic

According to AppleInsider, a refresh of Apple’s iPod classic may be well on its way to consumers.  According to the report, inventories for the Classic are quite low, which may lead to suspicion.  Additionally, new MicroSATA hard drives released by Toshiba in capacities of up to 220GB (and with some potential space and power savings) may be driving the upgrade as well.

The report also indicates delayed shipping times on the Classic from major retailers, and suggests that consumer demand for an updated device with significantly larger storage (the largest iPod touch is currently only 64GB in capacity) may also be a significant factor in a potential refresh of the device.  Personally, I doubt we’d see it before Apple’s traditional press event in September, but hey – only time will tell, right?

Via AppleInsider

  1. Jimmy says:

    Only if you had a battery of the size of an iPod classic…

  2. …except no one with an iPhone uses iPods anymore. An iPhone with 80+ GB storage would be a dream come true.

    1. I agree. Even a 64GB iPhone would make me happy. And for the iPod Touch crowd, 128GB should do nicely, right?

  3. Josuego says:

    I own an iPhone and still use an iPod =P

  4. VitaViva says:

    I've been thinking of updating mine to a 160 classic. May wait a while longer.

  5. Fredrik says:

    Not all people have/likes iPhones!

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