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Spotify Launching In The US Soon

Spotify Launching In The US Soon

The popular European based streaming music service Spotify is set to take iTunes et al by the horns in the next few months with their imminent American launch.

Spotify has been out in the wild in Europe for the past few years. And those of us lucky enough to use the service are unanimous in our appreciation for this innovative music service.

There is currently three plans available for Spotify in the UK. A Free, but ad-supported, version. An unlimited version that removes advertisements at £4.99. A Premium version that features enhanced quality audio, mobile apps, offline modes, and exclusive content that will set you back £9.99 per month.

The above prices are in British Sterling and there is no indication as to how much the Unlimited & Premium packages will cost but a price point of $9.99 for Unlimited and $15 for Premium would be a good bet.

An email received today by Media Memo from Spotify didn’t state a launch date for their US adventure. Spotify can only launch in the US once they have the backing of the major record labels. At the moment only Sony is on board with Spotify in the US. EMI and Universal are yet to commit.

Spotify is a bit of an elephant for Apple to worry about. The P2P streaming service could easily stampede iTunes’ market share of digital MP3 downloads with music lovers instead opting to subscribe to Spotify’s near infinite library of music.

Want to see Spotify in action? Check out the below video and prepare to be impressed.