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Apple To Sell Smaller iPhone For $200 Off Contract?

Apple To Sell Smaller iPhone For $200 Off Contract?

According to Bloomberg, Apple is working on a smaller and cheaper version of the iPhone for direct sale without carrier involvement.  The new iPhone will reportedly be dual-mode (for use on any network), and be loaded with similar components as to those used in the current iPhone 4.  iPhone Nano anyone?

This phone will be in addition to an upcoming iPhone 5 this summer, and is said to be in direct response to the Android platform’s many inexpensive phones.  Perhaps most interesting of all, the report also indicates that Apple is releasing a universal SIM card which would allow users to jump from network to network quickly and easily.

Personally, I’m gonna place this in the “not gonna happen” category.  It’s unlike Apple to cheapen and water down their technology just to keep pace with the industry.  Plus, an iPhone that’s a third smaller would be annoying and uncomfortable to use.  But that’s just me – We wanna know what you think!  Would you use such a device?  Do you think Apple is likely to make such a move?  Sound off in the comments!



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