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How To Download The Daily From Outside The US

How To Download The Daily From Outside The US

The Daily launched today to much fanfare but for those of us not living in the US we were left out in the cold. The Daily is only available to those that are stateside but it is possible to download the App from outside America.

For the next two weeks The Daily is available subscription free meaning you can avoid any payments and use the app as fully intended.

Props to Alex Wilhelm from The Next Web for posting the below guide earlier today. In order to avail of this work-around, you must have a US iTunes account.

  1. Fire up iTunes and log out of your current account.
  2. Open up the iTunes store, and scroll all the way to the bottom. Click on the little round flag symbol at the bottom and then when a menu appears, select the US option.
  3. Now, don’t just go and open an account. That won’t work. Instead, browse the app store and try to download any free app.
  4. When prompted to log in or make an account, click to open a new account.
  5. While filling out your application, on the payment screen select ‘none,’ Apple will sniff you out if you try to use international payment with a US account.
  6. Complete the application.
  7. Boom, you can now download free apps.

You can get a US iTunes account by signing out of your iTunes account, switching your location to the US (change country in the footer), and then simply purchase a free app using “none” as your payment option. This process will create a US iTunes account at zero cost and will allow you to then download The Daily app for free.

Download The Daily App from The App Store.

The only thing you need now is an iPad, of course!