iPhone 5 / iPad 2 Coming Monday 7th March?

Robby Wilkinson, an eagle eyed follower of @mactrast on Twitter, has spotted a potential hidden clue as to the launch date of either the iPhone 5 or the iPad 2, or both.

Take a closer look at the iCal symbol within the image of the iPhone 4 on the Apple homepage. It says Monday 7th. The next Monday 7th is March (many are predicting a March release for the iPhone / iPad).

Now look at the above image of an older version of the iPhone. The iCal symbol features the date January 9th. The significance of the 9th of January? It was on this date in 2007 that the iPhone was first announced.

Call me an old skeptic but that is just too much of a coincidence to ignore. This by no means confirms the 7th of March as the release date but it does put one big huge question mark next to the 7th of March.