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LetterMpress iPad app – authentic Letterpress designs

LetterMpress iPad app – authentic Letterpress designs

Help get this excellent iPad app made by visiting Kickstarter.

Letterpress’s hands on, old school, real world get-your-hands-dirty beauty has been enjoying somewhat of a resurgence of late. Unfortunately, both the equipment and skillsets required to produce letterpress print are in short supply.

John Bonadies aims to fuse old school with new school by replicating the letterpress process on the iPad.

LetterMpress™ will be a virtual letterpress environment—released first on the iPad—that will allow anyone to create authentic-looking letterpress designs and prints.

The design process is the same as the letterpress process—you place and arrange type and cuts on a press bed, lock the type, ink the type, and print. You will be able to create unlimited designs, with multiple colors, using authentic vintage wood type and art cuts. And you can print your design directly from LetterMpress or save it as an image for import it into other applications.

As you might expect from a letterpress fan, the attention to detail here is impressive – the app will feature type and cuts that were developed from sets that the company he in their posession. Not only will this add authenticity to the app, but it is also envisaged that designers could order prints of designs made in the app. Very, very cool.

I pledged a small amount on Kickstarter as I would love to see this come to fruition – what do you think of this idea?

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