Seesmic For iPhone Is 1.2

Seesmic For iPhone Is 1.2

Seesmic today launched version 1.2 of their iPhone App with a decent list of enhancements to boast about.

With Seesmic for iPhone 1.2, you have the ability to:

  • See and load the gap in a timeline if a lot of tweets have been missed
  • Preview images with a message in your timeline and in detailed view of tweets
  • View all the Replies to a user from his profile and the correct display of users that Retweeted a tweet
  • Post to the Facebook Pages you’re admin of. Simply select a page on the Composer account selector and send a post
  • View the app in 5 more languages: Japanese, Spanish, German, French and Korean
  • Access your Settings from within the application, on the Spaces screen
  • Change the text size of the timeline from the Settings and view a tutorial at launch of the app to help you discover the main features of the app.

Download Seesmic 1.2 from iTunes.

With all of the above enhancements, the interface for Seesmic’s Twitter feed still feels very cluttered and Blackberry-esque as opposed to iPhone-esque. There is more of an emphasis on functionality than simplicity.

However, if you’re looking a Facebook client that is far superior to the official Facebook app then Seesmic is the app you’ve been missing.

Seesmic, as of August 2010, have 2.53% of the Twitter client market and 0.17% of the iPhone market for Twitter. They have a battle at hand to out muscle the likes of Twitter for iPhone that holds 7.92% of the total market.