The Daily Launching Today

The Daily Launching Today

There has been plenty of fanfare but very little substance to base that fanfare on with the imminent launch of The Daily. I signed up to be notified of developments of The Daily a few weeks ago but have yet to receive any notifications or PR induced hype into my inbox. Disappointing for us inquisitive types!

Developments are all very off the record, on the QT, and very hush-hush. What we do know is that The Daily will be a subscription based newspaper app with collaboration between News Corp. & Apple Inc.

A live stream of the App launch will be available from in a little under 1 hour at 11 AM Eastern Time today.

Unfortunately for the News Corp guys, the response to the “hysteria” is a little bit muted. We asked on Twitter whether people are interested in the launch of this app:

I just hope the below Twitter post fails are not indicative of any launch day setbacks and instead maybe a homage to Groundhog Day staring Bill Murray!