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Walmart Sells Fake iPad, Refuses Return

Walmart Sells Fake iPad, Refuses Return

According to a report from 9to5Mac, an Atlanta man recently purchased an iPad from his friendly neighborhood Walmart store, only to later discover that inside the box was not an iPad, but a display prop that was completely hollow on the inside with an image of the iPad homescreen inlaid on the “display.”

The man promptly attempted to return the iPad, but Walmart apparently refused the return, at the same time blaming Apple for the incident, as they claim Apple handles the exchange process for iPads.  The man is threatening a lawsuit against Walmart if the situation does not get taken care of.

My thoughts?  Shame on you, Walmart.  A consumer was unjustly screwed at your store, and rather than try to help him, you just pass the blame on up the line?  Shameful.  Looks like you just lost a customer that sometimes makes $500+ purchases at your store.  Wouldn’t it have been much more reasonable to refund his money, and then have your corporate team work with Apple to recover the money or exchange the iPad for a working one?

You can check out the unhappy Atlanta Walmart customer’s YouTube video below:

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