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5 Things To Expect In The iPad 2

5 Things To Expect In The iPad 2

The iPad was a revolutionary device. The iPad 2 will likely be a subtle evolution of the iPad 1. While it won’t be an amazing all singing all dancing upgrade, it will be one that will see significant gains in key areas.

Here are 5 things we will likely see in todays iPad 2 announcement.

Front & Rear Facing Camera

It’s widely predicted (and now assumed) that the iPad 2 will feature both front and rear facing cameras. Apple have pushed FaceTime quiet heavily in the last year and the new Macbook Pros had their iSight cameras upgraded to FaceTime HD Cameras.

Thinner & Lighter

Apple traditionally make iterations of their devices both thinner and lighter. The current range of iPads weigh between 1.5lb and 1.6lb, it’s hard to imagine the iPad 2 being much lighter than that, but be prepared for the iPad 2 to be a few ounces lighter and to be slightly thinner.


Digital Daily predicts that the iPad will likely be powered by a 1.2Ghz, dual core, ARM Cortex-A9 chip and Imaginations’s SGX543 GPU architecture, and 512MB of RAM.

Larger Speaker

The onboard speaker of the iPad sucks. Various rumors are predicting a louder speaker that is curved into the body of the iPad for better sound acoustics is coming in the iPad 2.

Better Display

It’s rumored that the screen will feature some form of anti-glare technology so that the iPad screen is more legible when in direct sunlight. A retina display for the iPad 2 is highly unlikely because of costs and power requirements to facilitate a retina display.

Excited much?