Adobe Releases Flash to HTML5 Encoder

Adobe Releases Flash to HTML5 Encoder

According to recent reports, it appears that despite some bad feelings with Apple on the subject of Flash, Adobe has now finally unleashed a utility that can convert content directly from Adobe Flash to HTML5. This is reportedly being done in an effort to make more content available to iOS users, with Apple famous for it’s stance that Flash is not the right choice for their platform, voicing a number of concerns including performance, battery life, and the notion that Flash is just no longer necessary now that HTML5 can accomplish the same task without 3rd party plugins.

Currently the tool, which Adobe calls “Wallaby,” is a pre-release version, but it is publicly available for anyone who might want to download it. There is some speculation that the release of this tool may significantly lessen tension between the two creative giants (Adobe and Apple), who have been bickering back and forth on the subject for far too long.

The converter is simple to use, and allows developers to simply drop their completed flash applets into an Adobe Air application, which then converts the applet into HTML code that can be used in any HTML editor (or a text editor for those of you who are obsessed with structure, and who have the know-how to do a much better job with raw code). Essentially, this will make it very easy for developers to significantly extend the reach of their existing Flash applications.

This seems like a wise step for Adobe, as Apple is not a company that frequently backs down. Now, all Adobe needs to do is start focusing much less effort on Flash, and come up with a suite of applications that are designed and optimized to make great HTML5 content.

But enough about what we thing – we want to hear from you, our valued readers! Do you think this will have any significant long-term impact on Adobe and its Flash platform? Has Adobe gone far enough, or do they need to do more? Is the whole debate over Flash just ridiculous? Let us know your thoughts!

Those interested in downloading and using the app can obtain it from Adobe’s labs – just be warned, this IS pre-release software, so use at your own risk!

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